27 March 2016

Tea drinking

Autumn, Easter Monday 2016. Working through a paper  at the rate of one cup of tea every couple of hours. Tea is warming, gentle compared to coffee, doesn't distract or overexcite. My mum drank tea, I went off to the city and drank coffee. Back to tea again. So good to have a warm cup in hand on this chilly arvo. 

24 October 2015

Starting off, stopping for a bit.

I began this research journey full of excitement and hit the proverbial (and predicted) brick wall.
I started this blog as a work diary. Blogging is a good tool for reflection and for celebration. Even for sharing, if someone comes along and starts a conversation. 
I've just begun, and now I'm going away for a bit to have a rest, and to work out if the project is worth the academic strait jacket.